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MR. G's MAGIC ACADEMY Stan Grindstaff, MFA, is a lifetime credentialed teacher, international speaker trainer, and local performance coach. For over 20 years, his drama and magic students have called him Mr. G — Magic Man! As a Guest Teacher at Alianza Charter School, he delighted students K-8 with his program of magic, storytelling & drama. He is an official Vendor for Ocean Grove — hub of a thriving homeschool community... When asked if magic is real, he says, "Of course! Whenever you smile or laugh, or whenever JOY jumps out of you — THAT is magic! YOU are the MAGIC!"

Featured on hit NBC show 1st LOOK!
Teaching closeup magic to host.


Presented to 60 international magicians in Las Vegas on Focusing Games for Youth.

Had dinner with magician Matt Franco — America's Got Talent winner.

Helped the team at Discover Magic edit a terrific new activities book:


Mr G's Magic Academy
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These classes are being offered at the Discovery Learning Center
in Scotts Valley:

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Since the start of the international curriculum DISCOVER MAGIC I've been part of the team editing original magic material & conducting courses... The vibrancy focused in this video pitch is true of Michael Rosander's ongoing authentic persona — an inspiration to me & countless students... $10,000 win being donated to Boys & Girls Club members to afford MAGIC!

Mac King—Premier Comedy Magician in the World—awarding me the Golden Key of Excellence

Over 10 years ago with my mentor Jeff McBride—World Ambassador for Magic

At the first Discover Magic Conference in Las Vegas with Jeff McBride & Michael Ammar—World's leading Magic educator & founder of Discover Magic


Mr. G's Magic Class gave my son an opportunity to learn magic in a supportive environment, and develop confidence and humor while performing. What a fun and worthwhile experience!

* * * * *

Really inspiring—to us and our son!

* * * * *

Thanks for a great experience—our son loved it.

* * * * *

Best Camp ever! It opened my mind to creativity. I took tricks and made them my own.
—10-yr-old boy Purple Wand Graduate

* * * * *

I really like your majic triks. Last nite I maniged to convins my mom that I had 11 fingers... I want to do majic triks when I grow up and I am defintly coming for your camp!
—10-yr-old girl (dashed off quickly!)

* * * * *

I cannot believe you solved 6 Rubix Cubes! That had to be tough! You are a very nice teacher and magician!
—Boy student

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